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Twin Shooter: Invaders is an original Shoot’em Up (shmup) where the player is able to control two starships facing each other at the same time. It is not only necessary to avoid and defeat all the invaders, but also to avoid friendly fire; yes one ship can destroy the other. In short but fast paced sessions, the player will be facing several threats, each enemy has its own way of attack and after each wave more and more powerful enemies will spawn, raising the challenge and excitement every second. Stuck at some point? Two brains are better than one they say, so if you cannot make it past a certain wave, ask a buddy to help out. How awesome is that? Well, thanks to the independent control of the ships, each player can grab one end of the device and control a single starship, of course, you still have to decide who gets the blue and who gets the red one.


Thanks to its easy and very intuitive controls, the learning curve is very low. However, it will take several waves and lots of friendly fire before being able to master it. Wave after wave the weapons are improved, but the number of enemies rises, as well as their attacking style, so the difficulty is constantly growing. Twin Shooter: Invaders is a tribute to those old fashioned arcade games that have kept players entertained for such a long time, not only in graphics but also in gameplay style, but with a little twist, two ships! It can be played by either one player controlling them both or two players, each one controlling one ship. Twin Shooter: Invaders is the new way to play this old-school style of game.


  • Play together with your friends more with the two player collaborative mode.
  • Survive as long as you can.
  • Discover increasingly deadly enemies.
  • Unlock new ships to defend the universe with.
  • Compete with friends and world via leaderboards and achievements.
  • Made with a pixelated old-school look and feel with a little sprinkling of voxels on top.
  • It’s a free to play game with Ads, but it keeps the Ad frequency to the minimum.
  • Oh… and there are explosions. Lot’s of explosions.
  • iOS version with support for MFi controllers.


Gameplay YouTube

MFi support YouTube




Appstore: iPad, iPhone
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Twin Shooter: Invaders Credits

Alexis Bonte

Chris Head

Javier Garcia

Aitor Santos
Game Designer & Music

Francisco Garcia

Eduardo Belmonte
Quality assurance

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